Hyper-V Failed to Realize

So a friend has recently got a new USB-C SSD and from all views the drive was working as expected. However, when trying to create a virtual machine on this drive Hyper-V would complain and report in an error saying failed to realize.

Trying the same drive on my machine did not show the same problems and worked as anyone would expect. So a quick google came up with people reporting to create the VM on the C drive and then move it across, any attempt at moves also failed.


What’s this all about then….?

So, as I work in tech I come across little titbits which when searching either the results don’t answer my question or aren’t clear enough. I thought it’d be best to try and document what I’ve found out and how best to proceed on a case by case scenario.

By no means am I looking to be the source of all knowledge but I’d like to share what I find. Any of the posts will not be a step-by-step tutorial unless I have time and quite frankly can be bothered to do so! 🙂